TikTok Ads & TikTok SEO in 2023: How To – 

Everything we predicted in 2022 as a good idea to focus on in your TikTok content and ad strategy is now official…

Hey gang.

We’re not going to say we told you so, but we totally did.

After months of subtle algorithm and functionality testing and changes from TikTok that pointed to them prioritizing keywords and SEO as their next rollout, they did.

In April 2023, TikTok released a keyword backend for advertisers.

Having trouble playing the above video? Watch it on TikTok here.

What does this mean?

It means everything we predicted in 2022 as a good idea to focus on in your TikTok content and ad strategy is now official.

So what are your action items?

1. Catch up here if you haven’t already in Steps 1-4 for the how-to’s related to TikTok in general, TikTok SEO, and TikTok creative/video production.

2. When it comes to TikTok SEO, this is not only a huge opportunity for brands to further optimize their reach on TikTok itself (fyp pages), BUT ALSO ON GOOGLE.

      • Google SERPs are now spitting out not just the usual results (think ads, organic rankings, YouTube listings, the typical stuff), but also TikTok results.
      • Clicking on these from Google will bring you either to
          • The ranking TikTok video for that keyword, or
          • a pre-filled search bar/ results page IN TIKTOK for whatever you originally typed into Google.
      • And TikTok JUST (like this week) rolled out featured text snippets on some SERPs:
tiktok seo news air fryer recipe screenshot tiktok featured answer
      • So, yes, you should now be thinking about an SEO keyword strategy for TikTok – and that might be different keywords than you’re used to optimizing for Google/ traditional SERP. (Need help deciphering what to target and how? Get in touch.)

3. When it comes to TikTok Ad Creative, forget what you think you know about influencers, ads, AND UGC. And instead:

          • Invest in TikTok-style ad creative
          • TikTik style ad creative is just that- a style of creative born from TikTok that can be used on TikTok as well as elsewhere, like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.
          • It’s a specific strategy, dare we say ‘vibe’, that does so well across channels when you get, vet, and train up the right creators to be on your team.

4. Lastly, you’ll want to keep up to date on best evolving practices for TikTok Ads Manager, such as its Creative Ad Optimization tool:

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